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#Slaysafe with the Lifestyle Store Wellness Kit

jgfareyes May 19, 2021 0 comments

Stay safe during the pandemic with the Lifestyle Store #Slaysafe wellness kit!

Designed and manufactured in the Philippines; this stylish kit contains all the safety essentials you need to stay safe and #Slaysafe. This fashionable kit comes free with every Php XXXX purchase of Thelifestyle store products and comes with the following must-have essentials:


#Slaysafe Facemask Pouch

Don’t leave your facemask lying around just dumping it inside your bag when it’s not in use. Stay safe and hygienic by storing it in this stylish leatherette #Slaysafe Facemask pouch.


Facemask Comfort Band

As we’ve all experienced, wearing a facemask for too long is hard on your ears. Save the skin of your ears and keep your self safe and comfy with this Facemask Comfort Band. Simply hook up your facemask’s straps onto the band and secure it with the button-locks and you’re good to go for the day!



Leather Sanitizer Holder

Keeping your hands clean is a definite priority today. The Lifestylestore’s Hand Sanitizer Holder comes with a keychain clasp to ensure that you’ve always got your always ready to sanitize wherever you go.


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Available while stocks last!

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