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jgfareyes May 19, 2021

Coach: Did You Know?

Everybody loves Coach. They’ve got great designs, their signature leather is beautiful to look…

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jgfareyes May 19, 2021

#Slaysafe with the Lifestyle Store Wellness Kit

Stay safe during the pandemic with the Lifestyle Store #Slaysafe wellness kit! Designed and…

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jgfareyes May 10, 2021

The Bagmaster Tips: Treating Your Leather Bags Right

Everyone wants to keep their favorite leather bags in pristine condition. A well cared…

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jgfareyes May 5, 2021

Michael Kors: Fashionable Timepieces

Nothing says sophisticated more than a good-looking watch, and Michael Kors has a reputation…

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jgfareyes May 4, 2021

Fossil Watches: Fashion on Your Wrist

    Everyone needs a watch. Whether it be for practical reasons such as…

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jgfareyes April 8, 2021

All about Coach - How a Small Workshop grew into a Leading Luxury Brand

The Coach brand is an established favorite among luxury bag enthusiasts. Known for their…

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jgfareyes April 7, 2021

The Lifestyle Store is now an Entrupy Verified Business - What this means for us

Another day, another exciting milestone for us here at The Lifestyle Store! At The…

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